Rebrand Yourself During Quarantine

To all my “I have time,” “I’ll do it next week,” or “I have too much running around I need to do” readers, listen up! During this unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic, ALL you have is time to self-distance and quarantine yourself. Meaning, no more excuses. Take this time to finally get to what you’ve been avoiding.

During this digital age it’s almost impossible not to have any social media. Ranging from Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, etc., opportunities await you with companies, professionals, and more. Which comes to my main point: take however long this quarantine will be and use the time to invest in yourself. “Investing” doesn’t always have to mean money, it means investing your current actions and time into your successful future.

“Branding” and “rebranding” are essential to your persona because you’re constantly evolving. Like those tweets on Twitter say, whatever I tweeted and deleted five minutes ago doesn’t matter; I was a different person then. But no, seriously, “rebranding” who you are, who you want to be, and what message you want to give across your social media is important. Especially if you consistently use social media and connect with future employers. If you think your social media accounts aren’t important or looked at for future job opportunities, you are wrong.

Take this time to go through your Twitter and omit any unnecessary profanity, inappropriate tweets, or violent behavior. Ask yourself, “Is this the type of brand I want to stand for?” “Is this truly how I want to portray who I am?” If you can answer honestly yes or no to these questions, then you know what needs to be done.

Go through your Instagram and decide if there’s a specific layout you want your page to have and represent. Decide if you’d want to become an ambassador for one of the millions of fashion companies that use this social media platform and work on becoming sponsored. Incorporate your email accounts with these platforms where you aim to stay engaged with professional connections made.

Create that YouTube channel you’ve been thinking of doing or upgrade the one that already exists. Time is of the essence and from what it looks like, it seems like the nation will have much more of it as we try to navigate through the coronavirus. Odds are, the majority of you have been constantly on social media for 12+ hours throughout the day during the quarantine. Those hours add up and go by quickly. Why not use them to your benefit?

Don’t cheat yourself out of success. Take the chance. Risk it. Bet on yourself. You are your own brand and rebranding yourself via social media is one of the most beneficial techniques you can do to get ahead. Show the world who and how you want to be represented. You clearly have the time, we’re definitely not going anywhere for awhile.


By Kori Barnes. UNLV. Sophomore. IG: @korixnicole


Written by Kori Barnes

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