Reese Inks Deal with Reebok

Angel Reese will now have a line of attire from Reebok.

LSU basketball star Angel Reese is making headlines again, and this time its for her first major NIL signing.

Not only has Reese inked her collaboration deal with Reebok, but she’s received the official stamp of approval from NBA legends Shaquille O’Neal and Allen Iverson. This partnership sets the tone for future collaborations with upcoming basketball stars and the precedent of mentoring from some of the most iconic legends themselves. Shaq has been recently announced as President of Reebok basketball and he already had the perfect person in mind for a groundbreaking NIL deal.

Shaq confirmed the collaboration with a released statement, “For my first appointment in this role, it had to be the GOAT. There is no one making a bigger impact on the game right now than Angel Reese.” As the first woman to achieve this milestone in Reebok history, Reese gives hope to follow basketball stars that have only dreamed of major brands and collaboration deals such as this. According to Sports Illustrated, “Reese is coming off a fantastic year. She not only helped the LSU Tigers win a National Championship but the All-American forward also was named as the Tournament’s Most Outstanding Player. Reese was the first player O’Neal has signed since taking over the post as president. On the company website, the Angel Reese collection is currently available where people can purchase shirts, shoes, track pants, jackets, and all sorts of things.”

Shaq has publicly stated that Reese is the greatest LSU athlete ever and Reese posted on her X platform a video of “Reebok x Angel Reese” billboards in the New York Times Square. Reese is extremely appreciative of the guidance that Shaq has shared and the inspiration behind his businessman strategies that sets him apart from being just an athlete. According to Reebok Basketball, “Well, it started off by talking to Shaq and understanding the values that align with the brand. As a former athlete, now that he’s just been announced as their President of Basketball, it is inspirational to me, just being able to see an athlete or former athlete shift from not just being an athlete, but being the president of the brand is something that’s important. I would love to do that one day. It feels great, Shaq is so much fun! I love him, and he’s been super supportive of me and everything I’ve done. Even if I didn’t work with Reebok he’d still support me, and our relationship has always been amazing. Everything is just so much fun, and what player wouldn’t want feedback from one of the best bigs of all time!?”

Fans have taken to social media platforms to share their immense support for this young athlete’s Reebok deal and her debut cameo in “Put it on Da Floor (Again)” by Latto ft. Cardi B. Things are only heating up for the basketball star and fans can’t wait to see what she does next.


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Written by Kori Barnes

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