Rejection Sucks! Get Over It In 5 Steps


Is there that one guy or girl in your life that you just can’t seem to get off your mind? Even when it is blatantly obvious that they’re just not into you? Are you tired of getting butterflies in your stomach every time you see them? Or maybe you just want to start on your road to recovery after being shot down. While having a crush can feel completely amazing in the beginning, sometimes it can be hard to move on. Especially if you are caught up in your feelings. If you are dealing with rejection, and are having a tough time dealing with your current situation, keep reading for some helpful advice.


1. Accept The Truth

Although it may sound like too much of a cliché, this is actually a good place to start. Being “in like” (as opposed to “in love”) with someone is perfectly normal, and in turn, rejection is just as normal.

Everybody has been turned down once in their life, so just know that you are not alone. Accepting how you feel about the whole situation is the first step to recovery. It does you no good to keep holding on to something that is no longer there. Don’t shut out the fact that you were rejected. The first step is guaranteed to be the hardest one, but it’s absolutely necessary. Accept the truth and move on for yourself, it’s for the best.


  1. Keep Up the Positivity

After being rejected, it is really easy to get bitter. And it is even easier to begin to separate yourself from friends and social settings. According to the website, the best way to get over rejection is to get back out there.

So don’t just give up completely after one bad apple. Like they always say, “There’s plenty of fish in the sea.” Go out with friends, and have some fun to get over those hurt feelings.



  1. Get You Some Space

Proximity can sometimes be your own worst enemy, because just being close to a specific person can cause us to become emotionally attached. According to Seventeen Magazine, unfriending your crush on social media would help give you the space you need to move on. Try to allow yourself some breathing room, maybe by taking a different way to class or even changing your seat if it’s close to them. If you have classes with your former crush/ex, just try to surround yourself with good friends, and focus even more on getting your work done. A little space can do the mind good.


  1. Meditate

After a rejection, it’s best to make peace with the fact that your ex does not want you back, and/or that they aren’t good for you. Set aside some time for yourself, where you just focus on your needs. Take this time to figure out what you want from life.

The website says that venting on paper could actually be good for you. For example, try sitting down and writing all the negative things you might feel when you were with your crush, and the reasons why they’re just no good for you. Then make a list of all the reasons that you could be glad it didn’t work out. This exercise will help you reflect, and give you the closure to move forward.


  5. Love Yourself

After a rejection you can sometimes find yourself doubting your own worth just because your crush couldn’t see it. You second guess everything, all because of one person’s opinion, and loss. Most importantly, you let those feelings of “not good enough” begin to take over your whole mindset–but not anymore. So the last, and most important step, is self-love.

Let it be known, self-love is the best love. After you realize that and start to practice this art, then it won’t matter who your crush was and how they rejected you. All that time and effort that you put into your crush, you can now put into yourself, the person who really deserves it.

By Raquia Hunt, Sophomore, Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep

Snapchat: @imjustlegendary

Written by IVC Productions

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