Relax, Relate, Release: Ways To Declutter For The New Year

What’s a better way to kick off 2019 than with a clean slate? There’s no point in waiting till spring cleaning to get rid of all the clutter and disorganization in your life. Clutter not only looks bad, but can negatively affect the brain as well. Here are a few steps to take that can help in your decluttering process and get you off to a fresh start in 2019!

Throw away unnecessary stuff.

I know it’s tempting to keep certain things, but if you know for a fact you no longer need it, don’t keep it. A big reason that people have clutter is from buying new things without getting rid of all the old things. Every time you buy something new, get into the habit of getting rid of something old.

Organize everything.

Instead of having your things all over the place, put related items with each other. For example, put all your hair products in one place, you hygiene products in another place, and your electronic related things in another. To make life easier you can organize papers in colored folders; you can even color code your closet.

Donate clothes and shoes you don’t wear.

You aren’t doing anything with the clothes in the back of your closet, so you might as well donate them. There are people in need of clothes and shoes, and donating what you don’t want will not only help them out, but it helps you, too. They get clothes, you get space. If you haven’t worn something in the last six month or more, chances are you aren’t going to wear it and you’ll do better giving it away.

Delete files from your devices.

This may be time-consuming to say the very least, but worth it in the end. Don’t be one of those people that only deletes stuff when your devices say you’re getting low on storage. Gradually delete stuff that you know you don’t want to keep so you don’t run out of space. That includes old emails and text messages; those old screenshots from months ago can go too.

Unfollow, unfriend, and unsubscribe.

Get all that irrelevant stuff out of your feed. Unfollow and unfriend all those random accounts and people you don’t talk to anymore and unsubscribe from those old YouTube accounts you were into like five years ago. What’s the point of it being there if you’re not interested in it anymore?

It’s not necessary to do this as soon as the new year is about to start, but it’s a good way to start the year off. Happy New Year!

By Cierra Lemott, Junior, Brooks College Prep


Instagram & Snapchat: @cece.kodak

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Written by True Star Staff

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