Remember Good Movies? “Total Recall” Doesn’t

There is a reason The Raid: Redemption is a good movie. It is because it takes its purpose and it runs with it. It is not the 2 hour-long, boring waste of potential that Total Recall is.

And I call it a waste of potential because Total Recall has an excellent premise. A man remembers (or believes he remembers) time as a double agent in a post-World War 3 torn world and the plot ensues. In itself, there should be a mystery and a statement about what it means to remember something and whether or not memories are tantamount to reality.

But, no. Total Recall exchanges its chance to be an excellent analysis of the human mind for a weak, effortless, thinly plotted, prolonged, predictable, average and ugly affair that supplies to the lowest common denominator of film itself.

Here’s the nitty-gritty: Total Recall is boring. And no, not in the “the entire movie is exposition way” and not in the “nothing relevant happens despite a needlessly stretched plot” way. It’s boring because once the plot kicks in and the backstory is over, the movie doesn’t go ten minutes without a sweeping, huge bombastic action scene. And it gets really boring. Check your phone in the 3rd act boring, even.

Action scenes are like cupcakes. You enjoy it because it is an uncommon treat. But, imagine if you ate cupcakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Why, you’d not only develop a chronic case of lethargy, but you’d just get sick of eating them. Total Recall made me hate cupcakes.

It can't even live up to its poster

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