Remote Learning: It’s Not Working

The COVID-19 pandemic has flipped the Chicago Public School system into another dimension in my opinion. I know everyone having to complete their school assignment with remote learning would agree, it ain’t chief.  Teachers are piling on assignments with unrealistic due dates in an effort to keep us on track. It’s overwhelming and it takes more than 7.5 hours to complete the assignments in a day. I literally sit at my desk all day for scheduled meetings with teachers, watching review videos for our upcoming AP exams, and trying to get assignments done on time. At this point, I am beginning to feel stressed out because it’s like I am working non-stop with no time for a break to just relax, take a breath or even eat lunch to stay on track.

I know that I am not alone in feeling overwhelmed by this transition to remote learning. I reach out to two classmates and a teacher to gain insight on the challenges they face.

TrueStar.Life: How do you feel about the remote learning process?

Monique P: It sucks. Some classes are meant to be taught in an actual classroom setting. Not at home. Plus a lot of teachers, I think, are being inconsiderate or taking advantage of the fact that students are at home by piling up assignments and it’s like, “y’all do understand that just because we’re at home doesn’t mean we don’t have other things to tend to.” Some students have to take care of their parents or are essential workers who are the only ones bringing in money during this time. It’s all very messy.

Cierra Lemott: I feel like it’s causing more harm than good. I understand that the purpose of it is to make sure we don’t lose all of the stuff we learned so far, but it’s ultimately just stressing everybody out. Teachers are assigning more work now than they were when we were face-to- face, and it is difficult to keep up with the workload. I don’t understand how teachers really expect us to be productive in the middle of a pandemic.

Christian David (my English teacher): I feel that teachers and students are really stepping you to the challenge without a lot of preparation. I am glad at Brooks that most of its students were accustomed to using digital learning, but I know that some schools were not using tech often. I’m sure those students and teachers may be really facing some extra challenges. I wish you all luck and to keep at it. This will change the course of how we teach from here on out.

Before COVID-19, if you would have asked me would I prefer to stay home and complete my school work online, the answer would have definitely been “yes” without hesitation. Now with remote learning being the only option to finishing the 2019/2020 school year I must say it’s a hard, “I pass”.


By Naiyah Mills, Senior, Brooks College Prep

Instagram: @talentedshahari


Written by TrueStar Staff

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