Resist Temptation, STAY HOME

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It’s getting warmer out, you’re running out of things to watch on Netflix, and your snack supply ain’t looking too hot. I get the pain. I’d love to spend the hot weather with my friends, but you know what I want even more? To see COVID-19 eradicated. So, when you decide Netflix is no longer cutting it, here are a few ideas of things to do inside and at a distance.

Facetime your friends and do things alone together. Cook it up in the kitchen and play master chef, dance together, have a talent show, model some clothes, whatever comes to mind! Having a partner makes things more enjoyable, so get creative and make some virtual memories.

Update your closet. Pull out those old jeans you haven’t worn in years and cut them up. Bleach some old shirts, tie dye some new ones. Now is the time to revamp and maximize your closet use. Reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Learn a new craft and prepare for when you finally get to show off your new skills to the next available audience. Take advantage of the free instagram live classes being offered from a variety of choreographers, artists and influencers.

Self-advertise. Use the media to your advantage and produce some content. Share your talent whether it be dance, poetry, visual art, acting, music, knowledge, whatever it is that you enjoy. Build a following, find people with common interests, profit from your talents, and enjoy yourself.

Update music. There are so many artists you haven’t heard and playlists yet to be made or discovered. Dive deep into some music and find some new additions to your “in your feelings” playlist. If you haven’t already, start a quarantine playlist to capture the mood. One of my favorite playlists available on apple music right now is called ‘Isolation Icebreakers,’ I definitely recommend it.

Experiment with some new recipes, makeup, skin care, haircare, styles, and any other thing that allows for experimenting. It’s easier to try things you’re unfamiliar with when there’s no one around to judge so what better time to try new things than when we’re all quarantined.

The hot months are approaching and if we want a chance at a summer we gotta chill at home and self-entertain. So take a breath and wash your hands before you get to making those cupcakes. We’ve made it this far and there’s no use in throwing that all away. Stay inside for your own safety and for the safety of others and now stay inside so you can try out this list.


By Kelbe Nails, Sophomore, Whitney Young

Instagram: @k3lba3

Snap: @omgkrocks


Written by TrueStar Staff

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