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{Review} ‘Nun For Free’ – Zonnique Pullins

I have new music for you guys! Okay, so I know you guys know TI and Tiny, because who doesn’t? If you watch The Family Hustle or once upon a time kept up with Mindless Behavior, then you

probably know about Tiny’s daughter and TI’s step daughter, Zonnique Pullins. Let me give you some background, Zonnique used to be in a girl group managed by Tiny called the OMG Girlz with

Bahja Rodriquez and Breanna Womack. The group went on a couple of tours with other teen performers such as Diggy Simmons, Jacob Latimore, and of course, Mindless Behavior.

Recently, OMG broke up and the girls began solo careers, so this is how we got here.

 I must say the video is cute. It really looks like someone put effort into it and the wardrobe budget was nice. It’s honestly a pretty average music video, but it works. If Zonnique wants to seriously

do this music thing by herself, she is going to have to get more creative, we’re not going to always want to see green screens, motorcycles, and $$$ (money). I think right now she is riding

off the fact that she is cosigned by TI and Tiny but that won’t last forever. It will get old very soon. ‘Nique actually has a bunch of pressure because the demographic her music is targeted to

will have a hard time seeing her in a new light because she is TI’s daughter and because this very same demographic still sees her as blue haired Star from OMG. Not to mention that Bahja

Rodriquez, fellow former OMG member, is currently pursuing a solo career and being quite honest, Bahja was the Beyonce of the group. That is not to say that ‘Nique has no chance, because we love Kelly and she has amazing music, I’m just putting it out there that Nique is Kelly, not Beyonce.

For the song itself, it’s aiiiiiiight! Her voice is nothing spectacular, but a little auto tune, dope background, and lip syncing even can fix that. The track is about how Nique and her crew won’t do

anything or show up anywhere without being paid. Well, not like anyone pays attention to the meaning of songs these day, as long as the beats good…which brings me to my next point- THE BEAT

IS TRASH! I just can’t….. I cannot  exaggerate how much better and more lit the song would be if the beat was turnt. I wonder how many people this song went through before it was released, why

did no one say to get a new beat. I guess that’s what happens when your family is your camp. I mean having TI on your side is a huge thing, but it;s not seen as that when he’s basically your dad. I

think Nique needs to be groomed organically without her parents being part of the creative process, because clearly someone isn’t being honest with her.

As I’ve already stated, Nique’s voice isn’t all that spectacular- it’s not going to carry her through this industry, but she’s pretty and I’d like to think she can dance and give a turnt performance. The

dance moves she displayed in the music video are mediocre at best and are the same moves she was doing 4 years ago while she was in the OMG Girlz. In fact the entire ‘Nun for Free’ video

freakishly mimics the OMG Girlz music video Baddie (but the Baddie video is much more lit), maybe it was the same direction.

The potential is there it’s just that Nique is going to make it if she gets a new camp, new producer, new choreo, new direction, new vocal trainer. New everything, except the hair and outfits, that’s

cute. She also needs to go through some hardcore artist development, she needs a Matthew Knowles in her corner. Nique will never get a stronger following if her parents head up her team. It’s

really holding her back. TI and Tiny are automatically biased towards her, Nique has to hear the truth from someone who has a million girls thinking they can  be the next superstar or not, like L.A

Reid to groom her and bring out the IT factor that’s missing. Until then, Nique will always be stuck in the kindergarten phase. She might make it to first grade because of her parents. You guys

know the phase I’m talking about… when little kids bring you ugly pictures they drew but you say they’re beautiful so you won’t hurt their feelings. Nique has something, but she needs someone to

completely crush her spirit to bring it out of her.

I’ll be waiting… every generation needs a great Kelly.



Written by Ciera


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