Revolt Summit 2022 is a Wrap!

The REVOLT Summit is an annual networking and entertainment event that takes place in Atlanta, GA. The CEO of the company, P.Diddy, has continuously given a platform for Black creators to shine and have the opportunity to thrive within their career field. This year, I was invited and confirmed to attend and cover the event as a media correspondent. I was incredibly excited to go to one of the most known REVOLT TV Summit events to network with some of the best creators in entertainment.

Not only did the REVOLT Summit have networking and career fairs for one-on-ones with recognized mentors, they also had photobooths to boost your confidence and merch gear, Black owned food trucks and alcoholic beverages, and performances from artists like the names of Nardo Wick. At the event, I had the pleasure of interviewing attendees who expressed that it was their first time at the 2-day weekend summit, but it definitely won’t be their last.

Nola David, 26, expressed her admiration for the event and that she values more entertainment spaces opening for Black creators and artists. “The Revolt Summit is always an event that I’ve wanted to go to, and now that I’m here I really see what the hype is about,” she said. “I wanted to make sure I came with my sister to support her since she’s promoting her business and just looking out. I may not come to the second day just because it’s been really hot, but I’m definitely enjoying my time.” The Summit did take place partially in and outside where the sun was beamng, however, she was definitely dressed for the occasion with a Zara crop top and green skirt.

Revolt Summit panel discussions shed light on a variety of topics including business in entertainment.

Kebo Godsey, 22, came with his brother as a rapper duo and insisted on doing an interview together. I admired that the two seemed inseparable and supportive of each other even though this was their first big event to attend. “I’m here with my brother and we’ve just been trying to do our thing with the rap shit. We just started out and this is a place we would like to perform if they ever gave us the opportunity,” he said. “It’s our first time so we’ve just been going to every booth they have trying to get a feel of the summit for the weekend.”

Tyra Talford, 24, discussed that she’s been to the previous Summit’s before and that she was impressed by how they outdid themselves this year with the different gaming systems, photo booth, food and ice cream trucks, main stages, and more. “I’m always happy to support the Revolt Summit because they really try to improve every year. I am excited to see the later performances today even though I don’t know everyone on the lineup, but it’s good entertainment.”

Everyone that I came across was open to an interview which I appreciated at an event that supports Black creatives and opportunities. I’m definitely looking forward to next year’s event and what they’ll bring. It’s an event that you want to be there for with good vibes, people, food, networking, and entertainment.

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By Kori Barnes, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Instagram: @korixnicole

Written by TrueStar Staff

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