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Rumor Mill: Don’t Believe Everything You Hear!


I’m sure you all heard the terrifying rumors that Lil Wayne was on life support and being read his last rights. Twitter went crazy as many fans thought they were going to lose Wayne. The rumors are not true! I tried to make my followers understand that but the rumor was being reported on all gossip sites. The major site was TMZ. T.I tweeted, “Just holla’d @my Lil bruh Tunechi…& he skraight! TMZ some fuck-niggaz for reporting that hoe-ass-shit!!! That man daughter is like mines. That shit surely got his mama hurtin, his kids hurtin, & he got true to da game patnas like me & Othas who ready to RIDE bout all da fuck shit. … #nowthankitsagamenigga!!!”

His daughter Reginae tweeted, “Don’t listen to The Lies , I swear there all lies TMZ you a fool.” I also  heard Slim on the radio saying that Wayne was fine! He did have another seizure and is recovering. I have no clue why TMZ is attacking Wayne like that MAKING this is a perfect reason why ya’ll shouldn’t believe everything you hear!

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Written by Eri Loves


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