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Sacred Ground Ministries Celebrates 10th Annual Teen Town Hall

Hirsch High School students gather for the 10th Annual Teen Town Hall Meeting led by Founder and Project Director of Sacred Ground Ministries, Mary Long. / Photos by Trig

When you think of a typical town hall meeting what comes to mind? Well, when it came to the Sacred Ground Ministries Annual Teen Town Hall Meeting, the words informative, support, and community are just a few that could be used.

Taking place at Hirsch High School, this was the 10th Annual Teen Town Hall Meeting, led by Founder and Project Director of Sacred Ground Ministries, Mary Long. Sacred Ground Ministries is an anti-violence organization that promotes peace, social consciousness, and community awareness.  In 2012, they partnered with Hirsch Metropolitan High School. While in partnership they have initiated mentoring programs, restorative justice, student workshops, parent forums, Teen Town Hall sessions, parent and teacher appreciation programs, scholarships, assistance with the establishment of a new Student Council, anti-violence marches and rallies, and more.

According to Long, the endgame is to do something now so that young lives and communities don’t get worse later. “My son was killed in this community and it really hurt my heart. Over the past two years we have had over 700 murders in each year and that’s unacceptable.” Long added, “The goal is to prevent violence before it happens. We want to be proactive, not reactive…we want to get to the root of violence.”

Mary Long, center, poses with panelist and supporters of this year’s Teen Town Hall event.

True Star’s very own Deshaun “Trig” Adams, an alumni of Hirsch Metropolitan High School was on hand at the event to spread hope and encouragement to the students in attendance. “I think the goal is collaboration; Different organizations coming together and getting young people to see things that they don’t see.” said the True Star Promotions Manager and Photography Instructor. True Star photographer/editor Christopher “Lock” Lockridge also took time out of his day to motivate the students and to teach a workshop about the fundamentals of photography.

The day was filled with powerful professionals that are passionate about making a positive change in the community. This is an annual event, but you can stay updated with Sacred Ground Ministries and their events by visiting their website at


By Marquis Sewell

Instagram: @marquis_sewell_

*Christopher Lockridge contributed to this article.


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Written by Marquis Sewell

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