SAT Stressed

Simple alternatives to a not-so-great score

It seemed as if everything was moving in slow motion as I walked into my AP Government class to take my final. Not too far into that period, inevitably, I received my first “What was your score?” of the day.

I had prepared myself for the question the night before. “Just decline to answer,” I thought. “Don’t compare your score to other people’s scores.” We all know that it’s easier said than done. To continuously hear conversation about who got what score is a hard task in itself- then to not compare your score to theirs? It seems impossible.

The advice seems generic, but in order to maintain your sanity, you must block out the outside noise demanding what your test scores should be. Comparison is the thief of joy. It should not be good news to you that you did better than so-and-so, just like someone else’s higher score shouldn’t crush your confidence. You should hold yourself to your own standard. If you fail to meet your standards, then you have the right to be disappointed.

You’ll hear it a million times: take it again, study harder, strengthen your weaknesses, and get better with timing. Although standardized tests do hold a weight on your college admission and on how many scholarship dollars you receive, remember that you have so much more to offer than a test score.

With this being said, if you lack in test scores, excel with your grades. Excel in your extracurriculars. Take the most rigorous courses your school offers. Enroll in dual enrollment. Get a job. Build your resume. If you were unable to excel during your high school career, inform your colleges of the obstacles that prevented you from exceeding your potential in your essays. Remember, you are more than your score.


By Sullivan Anderson, Junior, Jones College Prep

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Written by Sullivan Anderson

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