Saweetie Releases New Music & Videos


Saweetie’s release of new music has fans anticipating for her next big drop. Instead of one single being released by this rapper, she surprised her audience with two singles. One track is titled “Shot O’ Clock,” and the other track, “Birthday,” features her now known boo, YG, and Tyga. Saweetie spoke to, about the new projects saying, “I think ‘Birthday’ is like, the pregame, and ‘Shot O’ Clock’ is the party, you know?” As far as the inspiration for “Shot,” she said, “When me and my homegirls, my family, my friends are turning up, we always like, ‘Shot o’ clock!'”  “[I knew] we needed a shot o’clock anthem.”

Another surprise that fans weren’t expecting with the release of these two singles are the accompanying music videos that truly tapped into Saweetie’s sensual and seductive nature. The key to elegance is finding the perfect balance and this Icy girl wanted to pay her respects to the original Hollywood glam stars that served as inspiration in her music video for “Shot O’ Clock”. Saweetie told, “It’s just the ode to old Hollywood. I love the glamour of it, I love Chelo Alonso, Marilyn [Monroe] was a part of that era, Elizabeth Taylor, but it’s just like, paying homage to those girls who really gave us glamour.” Although this rapper just recently released these two new tracks, fans can’t help but to speculate when she’ll be dropping her highly anticipated album “Pretty Bitch Music”. Unfortunately, she is keeping any details regarding the album a secret for now and suggests that fans stay tuned.

The release of Saweetie’s newest tracks are in perfect timing with her upcoming joint tour with YG, Tyga, and Kamaiyah that’ll be circling the West Coast and kicking off Sept. 21 in Sacramento, California. As Saweetie raps in “Shot O’ Clock,” “Tonight we’re gettin’ white girl wasted, ayy/Clique full off baddies, no basics, ayy … This gon’ be an icy girl favorite, ayy/Shots got me leanin’ like the Matrix, ayy.” Saweetie wants to promote having fun and going out with your girlfriends or guy friends for an amazing time. She alludes to more fun in her “Birthday” track where she raps, “Pull up in this bitch with my birthday twin (Yeah). Body’s gonna body in a big body Benz (Mwah).” This Icy girl is known for buying new luxurious vehicles or walking in the spot with the newest Chanel bag, but she also advocates for her fans to always want the finer things in life.

This West Coast girl will definitely be turning up the heat further throughout her tour and promoting her newest releases. Keep you eyes open for new tour dates near you.


By Kori Barnes. University of Southern California

Instagram: @korixnicole

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Written by Kori Barnes

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