Saweetie’s Meal at McDonald’s


First there was the Travis Scott meal, then the BTS meal, then the J Balvin meal. Now, it’s the Saweetie meal.

The “Icy Grl” rapper is the newest artist to have her own meal at McDonald’s and the first woman musician to do so. The meal consists of “a Big Mac, 4 piece Chicken McNuggets, medium Fries, a medium Sprite with Saweetie ‘N Sour and Tangy BBQ Sauces,” according to McDonald’s.

Along with the new meal comes a sweepstake, or “The Saweetie Saweetstakes” as McDonald’s calls it. By entering the sweepstake, you have the chance to win two limited edition Brandon Blackwood bags as well as VIP tickets to see Saweetie perform live in Los Vegas. No purchase is necessary to enter and you get one entry per day until September 5th.

The best part of the meal is that you can remix and change it up to your liking. You can eat everything normally or add things to each other to give a unique experience.

The meal is available for a limited time at participating McDonald’s restaurants so get it before it’s gone!


By Cierra Lemott, Sophomore, Columbia College Chicago

Instagram & Snapchat: @cece.kodak

Written by Cierra Lemott

I'm a professional procrastinator and my hobbies include sleeping, eating, and Netflix binging.

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