Sayonara to Scooter

Agent Scooter Braun is probably best known for managing singer Justin Bieber.

Scooter Braun once managed music for Justin Beiber, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and more. Well, maybe not for long.

Several new sites have been reporting, including AP News, that Bieber, Grande, and Demi Lovato have left or are leaving Scooter in search of a new manager. Nothing has been officially confirmed yet, but Braun did tweet: “Breaking news… I’m no longer managing myself.”

We can speculate on why these artists might suddenly be leaving Braun. Swift first made her rivalry with him known when she made a Tumblr post about him, calling out his alleged bullying of her. He also bought her masters, and then sold them to an investment fund, which prompted Swift to start releasing her “Taylor’s Version” albums.

Basically, Braun sold the rights to her songs, which made her leave him and re-record the songs so she could keep the rights.

Maybe Braun started doing the same to the other artists, which made them start leaving him too.

Braun is pretty famous around the industry, for discovering Bieber, going to tons of parties, and, obviously, managing all of these other stars. But, if the theories and rumors are true, this just goes to show that no matter how famous and a big-shot you are, you can’t be a bully. If you are, the consequences will catch up to you.

Swift has never been better off without him. Her Eras Tour is predicted to earn a billion dollars, and on it she announced her next album, “1989 (Taylor’s Version).” In addition to that, she has a movie of her tour coming out, which means even more money.

What do you think of all the Scooter Braun controversy? Do you think these artists are really leaving him? What for? Let me know!


By Inti Navia, Freshman, Columbia College Chicago

All Platforms: @intinavia


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Written by Inti Navia

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