‘Scary’ Movie Reboot Coming

Will Regina Hall be in the new Scary Movie flick?

The word is out that another Scary Movie will be heading our way in 2025, but is there really a Scary Movie franchise without the actress who is infamous for her iconic role in it? Regina Hall is heavily associated with this franchise that has five movies so far. Fans are demanding answers on whether she will reprise her original role as “Brenda” from the 2000 original Scary Movie release or if studio executives are just teasing the idea. Regardless, the reboot of this iconic franchise has caught the attention of fans across social media.

Although there have been few details released about the upcoming film, production has been confirmed and its release has been slated for next spring. Despite the franchise having multiple films throughout the decades, the legendary performance of the original Scary Movie cast has managed to leave its everlasting impression. Now, the question is will this reboot be a smash box office hit or just another comedy movie?

It’s typically always difficult to follow a promising franchise that fans were attached to, but it seems that Paramount Productions is confident that they’ll be able to give fans and critics a new angle that hasn’t been done before. As someone who personally loves comedic horror movies instead of grueling ones, this is definitely a tester for the industry to see if they’re able to still connect with older fans who grew up on the movie and new generations that are being introduced to the franchise.


By Kori Barnes, University of Southern California

Instagram: @korixnicole


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Written by Kori Barnes

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