Shooting Your Shot: Advice From One Guy To Another

Hey guys, we all know that women are sometimes hard to deal with, but it feels great to be with one. They can be your worst enemy at times and also your best friend at other times. But to become one half of a couple, there are some things the guy has to do to get the girl. From one guy to another, here are some helpful tips to shoot your shot.

Girls can be very secretive at times. They may like you and you may not even know it, so naturally  you don’t do anything about it. But if you don’t take a hint and make the next move you run a chance of being called dumb on Twitter for not realizing she likes you. I know, it’s complicated. This is where communication comes in. If you guys are hanging out or texting, ask her to talk for a minute and find out where the two of you truly stand. This may be awkward at first, but this is a great first step to a relationship, since you two are building trust with one another.

Another tip I’d give is to get to know your partner before rushing into a relationship. Becoming that person’s best friend before a commitment could be crucial as to whether there’s trust or if the two of you are just messing around. Go out frequently, text her, and ask about her day, even post something about her on your social media so she knows it’s real or a possibility! Girls love to be shown off, so make her happy in the early stages.

Remember that girls love surprises, too. Tell her you guys are going to go bowling, but then take her to a nice dinner. If the budget is low at the moment, take her to a nice park, pick up some sandwiches and drinks from someplace like Subway, and enjoy the sunset while sitting down on the grass. These “little” things can go a long way. If things go well, she’s going to remember you and that moment every time she sees a sunset.

Finally, one of the last tips I have to offer is to be patient. Everything good in life takes time, and nothing comes easy. A good and healthy relationship should be smooth and should be chill at first. Don’t give up at early signs, unless it’s clear she doesn’t want to be bothered with you. If that’s the case, move on to someone else. Like I said earlier, women are complicated, but can be the biggest blessing a man could ever have. So, good luck fellas. I hope your find the girl you’re looking for soon!


By Angel Brito, College of the Holy Cross, Freshman

Instagram: brito.angel35

Angel Britocastro

Written by Angel Britocastro

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