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Should I Get A Closure?

When girls get their inches in, the first question they ask themselves is if they want a sew-in or closure. There are many perks to either style, it really depends on the type of hair you get and how your natural hair will blend.

Too much heat is never healthy for anyone’s hair, but how else would they keep their leave-out blended? To keep from using so much heat, people choose to perm their leave-out. Perms can be just as damaging as the amount of heat you’ll have to add to your hair. One way to avoid all of this would be to get a closure. A closure is just like a sew-in, but instead of leaving your real hair to blend in with your weave for a natural look, you’ll have a closure piece of hair to substitute where your leave-out is supposed to be. None of your hair would be exposed, so you could put as much heat to your weave as you would like without damaging your real hair.

Sounds like a easy choice, but your closure requires the same maintenance as your leave out. Closure pieces don’t get poofy, but they do slide. It’ll start loosening up and looking like there’s a hood on your head. You’d have to get touch-ups for this hairstyle about every two weeks. That means having to spending more money and spending more time at the hair shop. When some people get their inches put in, their plan is to keep it up for two months and not have to spend additional money on their hair. They’ve already spent hundreds of dollars for the weave and to get it installed. Having to touch up your closure every two weeks just defeats the whole purpose.

Both decisions have their pros and cons, but you have to decide which one is worth the time and trouble.


By Taliah Brooks, Junior, Westinghouse

Twitter: @liahliah0

Written by IVC Productions

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