Should You Say No to ‘Nope’?

Daniel Kaluuya plays OJ in Jordan Peel’s new movie NOPE.

Jordan Peele has given us the long awaited NOPE, his latest horror/sci-fi flick. Peele has built a reputation for creating well put together horrors with complex themes layered in between the scares and action. NOPE, which stars Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer, has done a good job at keeping plot pertaining details secretive, as the trailers for this movie didn’t give us any story details. This worked well for Peele, as fans, including me, ran to the theatre with anticipation. But for me, the movie left a lot of room for improvement.

Peele is still a goat to me, but this movie had a lot of things going on that I couldn’t get behind. The lack of story details in the trailer were exciting, but I found the plot to be thin due to their only goal being to take a picture of the alien ship in the sky so they can get rich and famous. Coupled with a thin plot, the alien presence felt a little lackluster. In the trailer, we saw a glimpse at what looked like aliens on the ground, but they were actually just teens playing a prank on our protagonist, OJ (Kaluuya). The fact no aliens showed up was a let down, but the movie becomes one when you couple it with the fact that the alien ship really wasn’t that big of a threat in the film.

Critics have said that this movie prioritizes its themes over the scares, but I feel that the themes in this movie were not well communicated. I was excited to see what this movie had to say, but I was not able to pick up on ANY of the themes. I’ve heard critics mention plenty of possible themes, but it’s not clear on what Peele is trying to say leading to a lot of different takes on what the theme really is. I think if the fan base has competing theories about what Peel is trying to say, then the movie didn’t do what it needed to do.

I didn’t completely hate it. I still think Peele is a master of creating suspense. He also dove into his comedy bag in this movie, which we should’ve guessed from the title. This movie had some good comedic elements that I would like to see in his future projects. I didn’t like the film, but don’t let me stop your interest for the film, as my word isn’t law. You should go check it out and form your own opinions. I’m just giving you the perspective of a young filmmaker and film critic.


By Gary Langfield Jr, Senior, The Noble Academy

Instagram: @ima_menace16

Written by TrueStar Staff

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