Simple Spring Cleaning Tips

In honor of the weather finally warming up, flowers and plants coming back to life, and a fresh start in general, spring cleaning is the perfect annual tradition to refresh for the year. I, for one, love spring cleaning, but I have a hard time keeping things clean and organized simply because I don’t have enough space. But sometimes it can be hard to clean and de-clutter, or even just to stay organized. Not to worry! Here are a few tips to stay organized and a few gadgets to keep things tidy.

Need more shelf space? Try a hanging shelf unit. It might sound odd, but it could be one of the easiest things to get to help an organization. There’s plenty of options on Amazon, but the main kind of hanging shelf is off of doors. Sizes for these hanging shelves vary, but typically, they’re made to help with organization with smaller items and knickknacks. There’s also options specifically for closets, with hangers on top to hook onto a poll in a closet. Although these units are larger and mainly for clothing, they could be used for a variety of different items.

When it comes to work, or important documents, or even just planning events on a calendar, color coding can be a great way to keep things on track. A digital calendar may also be very helpful, and feeling on track with work and life can help home life feel a little more calm and a lot more relaxing. I’d also suggest a good color-coded file organizer. You could use it for any kind of paperwork,whether it’s letters from people or schools, past notes, tests, and homework, or pretty much anything else, having a certain color associated with specific things make it much easier to keep on track.

Cleaning your bedroom? Start off with the bed itself. I know many people tend to leave the bed for last, because it’s often what completes the room. However, tidying up the bed first, because it’s what ties the room together, acts like a subconscious motivation to finish cleaning the rest of the room. It doesn’t have to be daily, or weekly, just whenever you have a hard time finding the motivation to clean your room, always start off with your bed. It’ll make everything else in the room look uncomfortably out of place, which will prompt you to get up and make everything look perfect.

Another thing that helps me keep my life a little more organized is to have a section of a wall in my room dedicated to post-it notes full of reminders and important upcoming events. It might sound contradictory because we just went over keeping everything clean in a bedroom, but it really can help. Seeing appointments or daily reminders on a wall in bold letters will serve as the perfect reminder for whatever needs to get done that day! If that doesn’t sound like the best thing out there, try a daily planner! There’s all sorts of planners, and a quick search on Amazon can get you a plethora to sort through and find the perfect one that suits you the best.

That’s it for now! There’s obviously much more that can be done and many different methods to help a person stay organized or to simply help with spring cleaning, but it’s best to try things out and see what works for you. Happy spring cleaning!


By Sasha Gonzalez, Junior, Chi Arts

Instagram: q_k_375

Written by Sasha Gonzalez

Sasha Gonzalez is a junior creative writer at Chi Arts majoring in fiction writing. She's a sucker for baked sweets, good sci-fi and fantasy, and loves reading webcomics. She adores all sorts of animals and is the owner of a cat named Mocha.

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