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5 Affordalbe Makeup Products

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Have you ever wanted to create an Instagram-like look, but didn’t have all the coin needed to pull it off? Well there are many products out there that will give you slayage on a budget! Here’s a list of makeup products that’ll give you a beat face on the low.

Fit Me! Foundation 

Maybelline’s Fit Me! Foundation gives you full coverage at an affordable price. My favorite thing about the collection is the variety of shades and foundation types. You might want a matte look or even a dewy look. With their range of product, you are bound to find your color at your local beauty supply or Target for about $7.99.

Kiss Aqua BB Beauty Balm 

For about $6-$7, Kiss’s concealer can be used as a thicker foundation or to conceal your face for the contoured and concealed type beat. As a brown skinned Black girl, they have shades that fit my skin tone that give me a flawless look. Your local beauty supply should have it in stock.

NICKAK New York Nine Color Palettes 

NICKAK’s New York does a perfect job of giving a variety of pigmented colors to the girls at the low cost of $3! Yes, it’s true. They have a nice selection of pallets such as Birthday Cake, Under the Sea, Poison Apple and more. Each palette contains nine very pigmented eyeshadows and glitters allowing you range to create either a simple or extravagant eye look. Your local drugs store should carry this.

Black Radiance True Complexion Contour Palette 

Any of y’all into contour? Black Radiance is my favorite contour palette. They really stick to the name True Complexion! They have a variety of shades for every skin tone so you can create that sharp contour you see all the Instagram girls do. A plus with the palette is that each one comes with a highlight that will have you shining for days! I found mine at Target and you can too for the price of $8.00!

Elf Brushes 

A good brush will make or break a look! Good thing Elf Brushes has a collection of affordable tools you can use. Their collection varies from eyebrow to foundation, eyeshadow, or even contour application brushes. You can find these either sold separately or in a set at your local Target starting at the price of $4.

These products work wonders for me but let me know which products y’all buy that give you perfect slayage on the low!

*Check out Princess Bellaaa’s YouTube channel for this fun and colorful makeup tutorial.


By Amaris Edwards, Senior, Brooks College Prep

Snapchat & Twitter: @yungshawty_a / Instagram: @glamaris._

Written by TrueStar Staff

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