Slipper Turned Sneaker In ‘Sneakerella’

Disney+ Puts A Spin On Their Classic Tale of Cinderella

Chosen Jacobs and Lexi Underwood portray the leading roles of El and Kira in the new Disney+ movie Sneakerella, a flip on the classic Cinderella story.

Another Cinderella story? Believe me, I know. Since the beginning of time, we’ve seen a variety of spins on this classic fairy tale. A girl is in distress, she’s desperate to get out, with the help of magic she falls in love with royalty, and when it becomes midnight the prince goes on a hunt to find his mystery princess. We all know it like the back of our hands. Or so we thought.

The new Disney+ original movie Sneakerella brings an entirely new look to the original narrative we all know and love. Throughout this film, we follow El, a Queens, NY, native with a passion for shoe designing. Although he may “just be a stock-boy” he has the talents and aspirations like no other. When he and his best friend Sami encounter Kira King, princess of the sneaker world, El embarks upon a brand new adventure. An adventure that will give him the chance he’s only dreamt of. Will he be able to overcome the challenges set by his demeaning step-father and step-brothers, rock the hottest kicks, impress the girl of his dreams, AND get the opportunity of a lifetime all before the clock strikes twelve?

El hangs out with his buddy Sami played by Devyn Nekoda.

This new film is the TOTAL package. It was refreshing, energetic, relatable, and inspiring. The cast was diverse, the story had a variety of entertaining twists and turns, and a vast amount of intricate choreography! It was eye-catching and captivating, and there were many catchy songs placed without being too overbearing, or taking away from the story. And not to mention the SNEAKERS! I need all of them in my closet. Right. Now.

Chosen Jacobs, who stars in the leading role as the sneaker designer El, said that he was “paralyzed with happiness” when he learned that he booked the leading role. “This was such a great opportunity and such a privilege to be able to dive in and swing at such a classic story and to be incorporating so many things that I love from music, acting, dancing, shoes, basketball; it just was a role that was made in heaven for me and my taste. I’m just so happy I got to do this job.”

The film in many ways with its fresh twist captures excellence, promoting positivity and encouraging others to be the best of themselves at all times. When speaking with Lexi Underwood, who played the role of Kira King, she stated,“What I love about the story is that it’s a gender role reversal… . She’s not the damsel in distress waiting to be rescued… she has her own point of view, she’s a mogul, and she’s making her own lane in an industry that kind of, until recent years, has really been male-dominated. It’s a story about faith, it’s a story about community, passion, love, and then of course sneakers. I think that it’s just really joyous and fun, and with this, you really just get to see teens just existing… they just get to exist and be happy and follow their dreams. And I feel as if that imagery is really important.”

John Salley greets his co-stars at the premiere of Sneakerella. “I’ve always wanted to be in a musical,” said Salley, who takes part in a rap battle in the movie. He noted that the movie mirrors his life in the way of “Black excellence and generational wealth” which is what he is working to build within his own family.

In simple terms, Sneakerella is a MUST SEE. The 1 hour and 51 minutes are well worth it. Check it out on Disney+ today.


By Avery Kelley, Annie Keller Regional Gifted Center

Instagram: @askaveryk / YouTube: Teendom Talk Show

Written by TrueStar Staff

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