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Sneaker Feast 2k19 Did Not Disappoint

If you weren’t at Sneaker Feast this past weekend, then you tweaked. I honestly feel sorry for you because you missed one of the dopest events of the summer that was really geared toward teens. Powered by Succezz, one of Chicago’s most elite sneaker boutiques, and True Star Media, the event was a top tier collection of artists and creatives from Chicago coming together to produce a one of a kind experience to Chicago youth. And as a teen, I can tell you that it was lit! We all know that things are usually pretty cheesy when adults make plans for teens, but Sneaker Feast didn’t ever give off that vibe. Everything seemed like it was actually for people my age which can primarily be because of True Star’s marketing program that helped put on this event. The group of teens wanted to “provide something that was REAL and relatable,” and they did not fail.

Sneaker Feast had a little something for any and everyone. Aspen Bilton-Gregoire, 15, thought that the event “had a really cool vibe and there was a great energy overall.” There were booths with local talent and creatives to showcase and sell their work. Artists were freehand drawing and live painting, so you could actually watch their work unfold. And it was hard not to drop coins on some new clothes or sneakers. For those who like to party, there was music on the entire time complete with a dance floor. One of the DJs, Josh Mister, a sophomore from Whitney Young, was happy to be a part of it because, “It was a great opportunity to network and perform. I thought it went really well.” Mister was one of the many teens that were able to perform and share their talents on the stage at this event.

Essentially, the day was t’d. Spoken word was featured and music groups also performed on the main stage. Whitney Young’s pom team did their thing to showcase their abilities, too. A shoe cam was featured on True Star’s Instagram, and a flip or flop cam was incorporated onto the Instagram story showcasing the fits. Lorenz King, who cultivates shoe design, led a team of teen entrepreneurs and displayed his art, which included paintings, clothes, and more.

It was clear that Sneaker Feast 2k19 was for the Chicago culture and it was great to see an event like this in the community. I know I’m not the only one that is too broke for things like ComplexCon. I can’t do $200, so I need things to be free.99. Sneaker Feast was free, super fun, and it had the best lighting for Instagram posts. It was definitely worth it. Now hopefully you won’t tweak and miss the next one!


By Kyla Hubbard, Senior, Whitney M. Young Magnet High School

Instagram: @kyy.r


*Sullivan Anderson, Junior, Jones College Prep contributed to this article

Kyla Hubbard

Written by Kyla Hubbard

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