‘Space Jam’ Might Not Be For You

LeBron James stars in Space Jam: A New Legacy

Space Jam: A New Legacy is currently the No. 1 movie in America. That’s right No. 1. Last Friday, LeBron James and the Looney Toons characters made it to the silver screen and on the HBO Max streaming service in a major way. There has been much anticipation behind this project. There has also been a lot of talk about if the new movie would be better than the original Space Jam movie starring the goat, Micheal Jordan.

Rotten Tomatoes gave this new version a whopping 32% rating, and on IMDb it got a 4.3/10. Those aren’t very good ratings. However, I don’t believe people went into this movie with the right intentions. Most viewers who saw the movie, and I know I would be one of them, went in with the intention to compare it to the first one. Because of nostalgia, we remember the original Space Jam to be better than it really was.

As viewers, we have to remember, especially those of us who are older than the age of 12, that this is more of a kids movie than an adult movie. In an adult movie there is typically an elaborate plot with some of the best acting on the planet. Let’s not forget that James is not a movie star. He is famous for being a professional basketball player, and his acting isn’t any worse than MJ’s was. In fact, it is possible that it may be even better.

While the first Space Jam is a classic, it really wasn’t that great of a movie either. Rotten tomatoes gave it 44% and on IMDb it got a 6.5/10. To put that into perspective, if you got a 44% on a test, you failed. Miserably. And if you got a 65% in a class in school, that is a D, which is not passing with flying colors.

So for people who have not seen the movie yet or have seen the movie and are absolutely killing James for his role, let’s remind ourselves that the first movie wasn’t the most amazing cinematic feature we have ever seen either. But keep in mind, your younger siblings might love it, and isn’t that really what this is all about anyway?


By Devin Foster, Junior, Bradley University

Instagram: dfos24 / Twitter: dfos24_

Written by Devin Foster

Junior at Bradley University
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