Spend Your Coins On ‘Inside Out 2’

Anxiety takes over things in the new movie ‘Inside Out 2.’

What’s that one movie or franchise that fills you with instant nostalgia? For many, it’s Toy Story, Cars, and Nemo, but for many members of GenZ, it’s Inside Out.

In the second weekend of release, the film has already scored $100 million. According to Variety, Ticket sales have declined just by 35% from its mighty $154 million debut, resulting in the seventh-biggest sophomore outing in history and the best ever for an animated film.

Inside Out follows the journey of a young girl, Riley, as she navigates her emotions. The sequel follows Riley as she prepares for high school and taps into the emotions that kick in as you grow up. The newest emotions include anxiety, envy, embarrassment, and fear.

The movie was a nostalgic moment for many with the last Inside Out premiering back in 2015. Many teens, such as myself, who have grown up and are around Riley’s age, have added an additional layer of sentiment to our love for this Pixar classic.

Amia Mallory, a rising junior at Lindblom High school, shared her sentiments about the movie. “Inside Out 2 was definitely a movie I connected with, especially the new emotions. I see myself in Riley. I connect with how her past emotions didn’t know how to cope with these new emotions like anxiety, envy, fear, and boredom.”

Mallory added, “I also feel like the movie grew up with us. In this generation we have so many emotions that we don’t know how to deal with or what they even are. In the movie we learn that we have to embrace all our emotions and it’s ok to feel them… it makes us who we are. Inside Out 2 taught me that it’s ok to feel these emotions because we have our family, friends and most importantly ourselves to guide us through life.”

I loved Inside Out 2 and with the success of this film, there are rumors for a third. How would you feel about a third film in the franchise? Leave your reaction down below!


*True Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5


By Amariyah Mallory, Junior, Whitney Young

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Written by Amariyah Mallory

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