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Spring Clean The Toxicity

4 Bad habits that need to dispear

Every person in the world is flawed, literally. Recently, some friends and I were talking about certain toxic habits or ideas that should be retired. Since it’s about that time to start spring cleaning, here are the top four traits I feel really need to go down the drain and disappear.

Say What You Need!

I know I’m guilty of this. Sometimes it’s hard to get out what you want to say and you just think that no one really cares. You may think it’s better to keep your feelings bottled up. Fact is, that way of thinking is not good for anyone. Lacking communication, especially in relationships, just leads to pointless arguing and undealt with feelings. Once all those feelings reach their breaking point you’ll end up exploding, when all you had to do in the first place is just say, “Hey I feel blah, blah, about X, Y, Z.” If you want something, be clear about it and let the other person know. People cannot read minds. Let’s make a vow to start saying what we really feel and want.

Crying Doesn’t Make You Weak!

This way of thinking straight irritates the life out of me, and I know I’m not the only one. Since birth, we have been conditioned to think that crying is weak and that being a cry baby ain’t a good look. I know so many boys and girls who equate tears to weakness when it’s really just healing. We cry to know we are alive and conscious of a certain pain we are feeling. When you don’t acknowledge that pain it begins to build up and then boom! You end up being worse off than you were in the beginning. I could go on and on about this, but y’all, let’s just retire this way of thinking.

Stop Joking About Suicide!

This one is just sick. There are too many people out here really wanting to harm themselves. To make a joke of it is just mad disrespectful. Romanticizing suicide and depression is not okay and it makes people who are actually hurting not want to ask for help. To those of you really going through it, seek help and know you aren’t alone.

Stop Self Hating!

I have something to tell you. YOU ARE TALENTED AND BEAUTIFUL. Self-doubt and hate is the worst habit of them all. So, to anyone out there doing this, stop now. You are more than enough, and yeah, you may not be where you want to be at the moment, but just keep going. Don’t hide or be ashamed of your insecurities because they are what make you human. Nine times out of ten the people you want approval from have their own issues. So everybody, let’s please get rid of this and start self-loving and remembering that nobody is perfect. Just be the best you, you can be.


By Karizma Rainey, Junior, Gwendolyn Brooks

Twitter: Rizz_zz_


Written by TrueStar Staff

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