Standing Your Ground Nonviolently

University of Kentucky student Kylah Spring suffered verbal and physical abuse at the hands of Sophia Rosing.

A former University of Kentucky student, Sophia Rosing, has gone viral for calling Black students racial slurs and being physically violent toward them. Not only has she withdrawn from the school following this incident, but she’s also been arrested on multiple charges.

According to CBS News, these charges include “public intoxication, assault, assault on a police officer and disorderly conduct.”

The Black student receiving the brunt of the abuse in the viral video is UK student Kylah Spring of Memphis. Despite the disrespect and mistreatment received, the Black students who Rosing assaulted remained calm while trying to get her to calm down. Spring kept her dignity and held her head high during the ordeal.

This shows that regardless of the situations you may find yourself in, remaining calm and nonviolent while still standing your ground is essential. According to Ashley Perkins, Violence Prevention Consultant, violence is defined as “a great destructive force.” Being violent in situations like these will only cause the tensions and issues to escalate. The Black students who kept their composure handled this incident in the most mature and rational way possible.


By Cierra Lemott, Junior, Columbia College Chicago

Instagram: @cece.kodak / @kodakscamera


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Written by Cierra Lemott

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