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Avery Kelley

Avery Kelley joined True Star as a content creator for our True Star Jr. platform. Since then she has been an active member of both the TS Social Media Team and the Freelance Team. Kelley is the host of “Teendom Talk Show,” a show created in 2020 for “the kids, the teens, and everyone in between.” At 15, she has her own production company, Inspired Melanin, and is the creator and co-director of the documentary “One Step at a Time.” Kelley, who was recently accepted into the Black Girls Film Camp, is currently working on her film titled “The All Aroundz,” which will soon go into production.

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How did your True Star discipline spark a passion for learning?
I loved writing articles. I love editing, and I love social media, but I had never done it in such a professional setting before. So when I joined True Star, it allowed me to create a discipline to be more creative with the work that I put out as I knew there’d be a true audience to see it. Working with the True Star team and learning from the True Star staff have made the process of further expanding my knowledge on writing, content creation, and interviewing VERY enjoyable, leading me to want to do even more work with the company for YEARS to come.

What has been your favorite True Star experience so far?
I’ve had so many amazing experiences with True Star, but my favorite so far would definitely have to be interviewing DJ Annie Red in March of 2022. It was my very first time conducting an interview for True Star, and going to the True Star headquarters. I was pretty nervous going in, as I had yet to meet everyone in person, but the second I stepped in, everyone made me feel so welcomed! It was the first time experiencing, in real time, what being a part of the True Star family really meant. And plus, I got to meet one of my girls for the first time! The interview went smooth and the final product came out amazing. It really began to open my eyes with my love for interviewing and my love for True Star!

What is your ideal career?
My ideal career is to be an all-around film creative: writer, director, producer, and host.
Screenwriting has my heart, and truly was the thing that allowed me to begin my path with filmmaking. I’ve already gotten started, making several films so far and having my own production company, Inspired Melanin, a company with the goal to curate projects that represent the underrepresented, highlighting Black people in a positive way; a way we don’t often get to see on the screen. As I grow in my craft, and grow as an individual, I hope to expand my work and take my film projects to brand new heights. It’s only a matter of time!

True Star has also provided me with the platform to learn, in terms of social media marketing, drafting articles, and interview skills. All things that I need to be able to work in my desired field.

How has True Star contributed to your success in life so far?

True Star has provided me with opportunities that I couldn’t even begin to imagine. But one of the strongest ways they’ve contributed to my success, is by giving me a platform to practice hosting.

As a True Star journalist, I have been given the opportunity to speak to many different
individuals in the entertainment industry. From singer and author Shawn Amos, son of Famous Amos, to the cast of Disney Channel’s new show Saturdays produced by Marsai Martin! I’ve been able to practice a craft of entertainment that I love all while getting to meet different talent and learn from their experiences and helping True Star audiences learn from them too. It’s something that over a year ago I wouldn’t have even imagined myself doing. So to now have such an opportunity, especially working alongside people I LOVE, has allowed me to grow throughout my life journey in several unexpected ways.

*How has True Star prepared you for your future career?
From providing me with discipline, mentorship, and newfound leadership skills, I have learned the power in honing my craft. True Star has also provided me with the platform to learn, in terms of social media marketing, drafting articles, and interview skills. All things that I need to be able to work in my desired field. I’ve made so many connections and have practiced my networking skills with a variety of people. If you talked to me before True Star compared to me now, the growth you’d see would be impeccable. I am more ready to venture into film now then I have ever have been in my life…and a huge chunk of that preparation is thanks to my True Star family.

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