Still No Prom Date? It’s Not Too Late!


Listen, and listen good. Prom can be tough. Trust me I know, I’m a senior and there are only two months of school left which means there is only one month before my prom. Ladies, if you already have your dress, you probably can’t wait to put it on, dance and live your best life on that special night. But this excitement may begin to fade if you’re feeling what I’m feeling at the moment.

You might start thinking about all the other things you have left to do and all the decisions that you have left to make like how is my prom send-off  going to go? Who’s going to attend? What am I going to do after prom? But more importantly, who’s going to be my prom date?! Besides choosing my dress, this had to be one of my biggest problems, but I finally chose the prom date I felt was right for me. That was after three months of being indecisive.

I know, I know. You may be thinking “Why were you being so picky?” You might also be thinking, “What’s so hard about picking someone who just has to match you and take pictures with you for one night?” It’s not that simple.

See, nowadays, you have to make sure that you and the dude or the girl who you are going with looks good and matches your fly. With everyone being so obsessed with fashion and so quick to judge the next person about anything and everything, who you choose as your date matters.

For many of us prom happens only once. The last thing you want to do is live the night with regrets. If you are someone who is still stressing about who to take to the prom, here are a few things to think about before making that final decision:

  1. How well do you know your potential date? This is important. You need to know who you plan on stepping foot into the prom with. Chances are the two of you will be hanging for a minimum of two to three hours. Make sure you and that person can have a conversation and be comfortable with one another. If you don’t know this person very well, go on a lunch outing with your date to discuss the big day.
  2. What is the person’s style like? You want to be able to make sure that this person can dress when it comes to a special formal event like prom; not just someone who throws on any old gym shoes with a tux or dress. Just because someone can dress down in school with casual wear doesn’t mean they can dress up formally.
  3. Make sure your date is flexible. Make sure you and your date can agree upon a color to avoid future problems and disagreements.
  4. If all else false. If the decision to pick a prom date is still too much to deal with, make it easy on yourself and just go solo or go with a group of friends. Whatever you do, have fun.


By Trinity Bishop, Senior, Morgan Park

Instagram: @xoxotrin_

Written by IVC Productions

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