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Stop Making Excuses!

When are you old enough to know better?

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It’s happened again! Another celebrity has gotten caught using the N-word and stating other racists comments. The culprit this time is former Fifth Harmony member, Camila Cabello. The situation came about when a Twitter thread appeared showing the racist comments made by her on Tumblr (the posts on Tumblr have since then been deleted, however, Cabello has not denied the accusation.). According to Newsweek, the posts made references to offensive Black stereotypes such as KFC and watermelon and also made fun of Asian and Mexican people.

The 22- year old singer took to Twitter to share her apology.

You know it’s so common to see this trend now where non-black celebrities get caught saying or doing something racist and suddenly they’re so sorry about it. Are you really sorry for what you did or are you sorry because you got caught? Many of her fans have posted on Twitter that she should be forgiven and that she was, wait for it…. “too young”. When are the excuses going to stop? Camila was 15 and 16 when she posted these things online. At that age you are well aware that racism and discrimination is wrong and that you simply shouldn’t say certain things?

The principle of the matter is that what she did was wrong. It’s time for people to stop making excuses for these celebrities simply because they typed out some form of an apology that their manager probably told them to say. Just stop the excuses please, we’re tired of it. If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. Simple.


By Monique Petty-Ashmeade, Senior, Brooks College Prep

Twitter: @writerinthedakr


Written by TrueStar Staff

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