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Straight To Business: Ashanti’s Interview With Nelly

Okay, so we all know that Nelly and Ashanti broke up. But, we’ll just go with what they always told the media– “we’re just friends.” That was a bunch of bull. But we won’t get into that. Ashanti is the host of Fuse News and did an interview with Nelly. Can you say awkward?! They were so casual though. I don’t know about ya’ll but I would not be able to do it. She even had the nerve to ask him, “what type of girls he date?” He responded,

Oh word? Let’s talk about that. Bad breath is a deal breaker. Someone who lacks the confidence within themselves, to understand who they are. I won’t say that’s a deal breaker, but I definitely think we would at some point hit that wall, and a nice set of thighs always help.

Someone had a sense of humor. Ashanti giggled the whole time. I give her, her props.Check out the rest of the interview and give us your opinions. Did you guys like seeing Nelly and Ashanti as a couple?

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