“Stranger Things 4” Is EVERYTHING

Stranger Things

If you haven’t heard, the seven new episodes for “Stranger Things 4,” are amazing. Based on the first seven episodes, this is the best season of “Stranger Things.” For a show like this, saying that this “Stranger Things” season is the best is a huge deal. This season follows our split up protagonists as a new threat from The Upside Down hits the scene. The new antagonist is given the name Vecna, as he shows up killing teens for some unknown reason.

The show follows multiple storylines achieving different goals, but manages to give the show a nice flow in which the events in the show unveil in the most beautiful way possible. Joyce and Murray go on a quest to save Hopper, which keeps Joyce, Murray and Hopper busy the full seven episodes. Will, Johnathan, and Mike try to reach Hawkins, as they find out that their city and friends could be in danger. They travel with a new character named Argyle, Jonathan’s new friend. Last time we see them they make it to Dustin’s girlfriend’s house, to find disappointment as she can’t help them.

The “Stranger Things” cast takes adventure to the next level in season 4.

Eleven is on a journey to get her powers back, as she takes a deep dive through her memory using something called NINA. Through this quest we learn the identity and backstory of Vecna at the end of the seven episodes. The rest of the gang, including Steve, Dustin, Nancy, Max, Lucas, and Robin, are on the hunt looking for Vecna in Hawkins, uncovering clue after clue and discovery after discovery. All of the storylines flow seamlessly together and you really get a kick out of seeing everyone on the screen. In the whole seven episodes there’s not one dull moment.

“Stranger Things” only decided to give seven episodes of season 4, frustrating many fans including myself. Unfortunately we have to wait until July 1st for the second volume, which will only include two episodes. The show’s creators, the Duffer brothers, decided to split the 2022 season into two volumes because of the sheer length of the episodes. Honestly, this show is amazing, so I don’t mind waiting another month.


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