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SHE has many friends and you never know who will stop by next, but for you Fashion Geeks I got my loves Coco and Breezy and Yess Honey they are killing it. These young ambitious ladies have perfected an art of accessory apparel straight from another planet. I wanted to get the read on everything Coco and Breezy and so that’s exactly what I did.
So ladies, tell me what made you choose eyewear particularly sunglasses as your fashion brand?
We were always the shy girls and being shy we didn’t like much eye contact so that was our inspiration for eyewear.
With that said, what separates your line from other sunglass lines?
We are very artistic and use our creativity in our brand. Anyone can make a product but it’s what’s behind it, the story.
How did you feel when you saw the first celebrity rockin your sunglasses?
Ashanti was the first. It was an eye opener, we had just moved to New York and we were sleeping on our friends couch and maybe 3 days later we saw her and it was like wow we have a product!
What do you want your style legacy to be?
We want people to remember us for having good quality product and we want people to know you are never too old or too young to do what you want to do.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of having your sister as a business partner?
No disadvantages, but us being twins we have a creative wave length. Coco says” I often start a product and Breezy can finish it, and without me saying what the finished product should look like she does it the way I see it. This is just how different it is being sisters and being twins. There is a stronger connection between us.”
I’ve noticed your new Varsity Jacket that was released in April, Why is it named the Appetizer?
The brand we collaborate with, Copy, Paste, named it and it shows as young designers and entrepreneurs our hunger and ambition.
As kids you didn’t have a lot of friends. How did that play into your fashion?
We reconstructed things a lot. We would go to school then home or work. We never got into going to many parties, our parties and social outings were going home and creating in our living room until late nights and early mornings. We first started with the coco and breezy movement, which was mainly the things we wore and posted pictures of them on myspace. This was the first time people noticed our ability.
If you could create a DREAM partnership with any Fashion designer who would it be and why?
Karl Lagerfeld, his brand and designs are quite similar to ours, although he works for Channel he has his own line.
Lastly, what’s next for Coco & Breezy?
Working on a new collection Spring /Summer that’s not just eyewear but apparel too.

Sneak Peek? We will be doing egyptian inspired band t-shirts with the end of August as an expected release.
If you couldn’t get enough Coco and Breezy and you want more go check out their website, and be sure to tell’em SHE sent you 😉

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