Summer Walker’s ‘Life On Earth’ EP: A Review

Recently, our good sis, Summer Walker dropped a soulful and mellow EP entitled Life On Earth that will make you want to cut off your no good significant other, dance, cry, or go for a late night drive with your summer entanglement or whatever you guys call it nowadays.

The 5-track, 16 minute EP (yes, I know… we need more!!) features PARTYNEXTDOOR and rising R&B/ Soul artist NO1-NOAH.

Because Walker never disappoints unless she’s running her mouth on Twitter, there are certainly no skips. The EP has been on repeat since it dropped on July 10th, but it wouldn’t be an EP review if I didn’t rank each of the tracks, now would it?

Starting with my least favorite tracks to my ultimate favorite, here is the Life On Earth EP review that you’ve been waiting for.

  1. White Tee ft. NO1- NOAH: 

“Treat me like white tees, don’t get me dirty.” 

This particular track is just not my cup of tea. I’ll listen to it at a party (Relax, I won’t be going to a party during this COVID-19 pandemic anytime soon and neither should you!)  or in the car with some friends, but I must admit, it is the only track on this EP that I won’t play all the way through, let alone put it on repeat.

*Side note: Please don’t treat anyone like your white tees. I’ve seen some of them and they aren’t white… like at all.

  1. My Affection ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR: 

“You played me once before, now you feel like you want me.” 

If you haven’t got it by now, Walker hates “Playing Games.” (See what I did there?) In this track featuring Toronto’s PARTYNEXTDOOR, Walker wrestles with the idea of someone finally growing up and wanting her now that she doesn’t want them, despite playing her when they were younger.

  1. SWV ft. NO1-NOAH: 

“But I love to, love to feel so weak in the knees

Oh, like SWV.”

(I’m going to keep it PG for the blog.) Walker pays homage to the 90’s R&B trio by referencing their hit songs “Weak” and “Rain” in this very sensual, intimate, and well produced song, featuring NO1- NOAH.

  1. Deeper: 

Claiming that you’re here to stay

We’ll see how it plays, actor.” 

Walker was in her Birkin with this one! She’s letting y’all know that falling in love goes much deeper than words–it’s all about action and effort.

  1. Let It Go:

“What have you become? Matter of fact, nah, that’s what you’ve been.

I’m going to end this list with the first track on the EP, “Let It Go.” This is my favorite track. It’s so real, so authentic, and so deep that I felt it in my soul on so many levels. If you’ve ever fallen in love with someone so much that you were blind to all of the red flags and the person they actually were, listen to Walker and let it go so you can learn what real love looks like. Afterwards you’ll be ready to welcome and receive healthy love.

What did you think of the EP? What’s your favorite track? Feel free to follow me on my Apple Music down below for exceptionally curated playlists and music by artists that you’re missing out on!


By Jada Daniel, Sophomore, Beloit College

Twitter: @tgijadaaaa

Apple Music: @tgijadaaa

Jada Daniel

Written by Jada Daniel

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