Superbowl 2013: Go Hard Or Go Home!


Please tell me that you guys are just as excited for Sunday’s game as I am! Or is it just me because I’m a football fanatic? Well, I’m so ready for the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers to go against each other.Both teams have done a good job this season. But, as you know good is not enough.The Superbowl tells the world who the champion will be. The countdown is coming to an end finally! Both teams are going to have to go hard in order not to go home.

But wait–the Ravens and 49ers are not the only people who have to go hard.Our beloved Beyonce has taken over the Superbowl this year.Let’s be real–shall we? We know that the Superbowl gets over a 100 million viewers yearly. Ya’ll know that some of you guys are only watching it because of Beyonce. Don’t try to act brand new like you don’t know what I’m talking about! Halftime will be M A J OR this year as Bey takes the stage.

Don’t miss the game nor halftime. It will be at 5:30 p.m on CBS (channel 2).This is the game you don’t want to miss!

Tell us what team you want to win and check out a peek of Bey’s halftime performance rehearsal below!


I’ll be tweeting updates of the game, so be sure to follow me on Twitter at @love_war_hate

Written by Eri Loves


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