SWV Playlist!

Of course I had to show love to the oldie RnB but I’d be doing a horrible job if I attempted to make just one playlist, so I decided that I’d make one playlist per group or artist!


Starting with my faves in no particular order, SWV: 

  1. “When U Cry”, I actually lied when I said in no particular order because in my opinion this is the best song that they made. Hands down. I reallllllllyyyyy love this song. For more reasons than one, this song holds a special place in my heart. And when it plays, I feel each and every word. This song is about loving someone on the days when a relationship can’t be 50/50  because your significant other is going through, which is what I think a lot of people fail to realize. Just because you’re able to give 100% all the time does not mean that your boo can too. Honestly, people go through stuff, and as their significant other all you can do is hold them down until they get back right, and be ready to receive the love you missed. The vocals are amazing and so is the message. This probably would’ve fell under the top 5 RnB songs ever for me had I done something with rankings. I really felt when they said ‘If you love me once, I’ll love you twice’.
  2. “You’re The One”, I don’t know what it was about wanting somebody else man in the80s and 90s but this song sums it up perfectly. I’ve felt this way about a special someone before, but never to the extent to say ‘what your girl don’t know won’t hurt her’, that took it there. The vocals matched up in this song, and I could also see it being played at the club. It was one of those tracks that you could sing too but still sway your hips, so of course it’ll be favorite.
  3. “Lose Myself”, I accidentally came across this song while being too lazy to skip while doing my homework. Imagine singing this to your boo. Like that’s what this track was made for. The beat was a little funky but not enough that it threw you off of the purpose for the song, and the melodies throughout the track really set it off.
  4. “You’re Always On My Mind”, Now that I think back to it, SWV was like the sole soundtrack group for my most recent boo. The man was literally always on my mind. I felt every single lyric to the this track. Also if you notice, the video I linked and the other recorded version sound a little different, but the video version sounds better and more authentic to me. ‘So my pillow like my thoughts of you I hold tight’, I love it y’all.
  5. “Weak”, Of course, I had to include this track or I would be crazy. To be in love, it to truly feel this song.

Other Honorable Mentions are……



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