Tasteful Nudes: Jada Pinkett Smith


Celebrities seem to always be caught in the nude. This time the nudist is Jada Pinkett Smith. In 2012, she posed nude for the, “Nada Se Comprara”, which means “Nothing Compares”, video for Salma Hayek’s Don’t Sell Bodies Campaign against human trafficking. Now, she has taken on Facebook. This past week she posted a black and white nude on Facebook captioned, “The human body is beauty, art, creativity, expression, a vessel for the soul, our temple and a magnificent machine. We gotta take care of it. Love on your body today. It’s thee only body you got;) Happy Saturday:)”


When nudes are released to the public a healthy debate is always close by. Mrs. Smiths’ picture has definitely done just that. Some people feel that your body is art and should be admired, while others feel like your body should not be exposed and is exclusively for you.

Nudes can go one of two ways. They can be completely artistic and beautiful or they could be tasteless and inappropriate. In Jada Pinkett Smiths’ case, her Facebook nude was done tastefully. There’s something about the photo that makes this artistic and simple. She even expressed how great she feels about her body and gives great advice: “Love on your body today.” Jada has reminded us that our body is a temple and should be treated as such. So many people have forgotten that.

She definitely did this the right way and it doesn’t hurt that her bod is amazing!

Written by Taylor Carr

My name is Taylor Carr. I am a junior public relations major, graphic design minor at Howard University. I am an aspiring event planner and entertainment publicist.

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