TBT: “Drank In My Cup” – Kirko Bangz

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Whatever happen to Kirko Bangz, you know him. The lightskin guy that brought us the 2011 hit “Drank In My Cup.” Everyone was vibing out to that song.

Maybe it’s just me, but I still have a hard time realizing that some people were just meant to one hit wonders. If you make a song that I love or that got really popular, I still check for them even years later. When a person blows up, I just can’t accept that will be short lived-I want everyone to be like Rihanna; every time one of her hits died down, she’d come follow-up with another one (that’s why she’s got 20+ #1s), but I digress.

Anyway, Kirko, put out a couple mixtapes but never could quite find the success he had at the peak of “Drank.”

In honor of his hit, I’m making it this week’s #TBT- shall we enjoy it together.

P.S- This is one of those songs that brings back a lot of memories for me, what were you doing in 2011?

Written by Ciera


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