TBT: “Thug Cry” – Rick Ross feat Lil Wayne (and Betty Idol from LHHATL)


If you’ve been watching season 5 of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, you would’ve noticed that a young lady named Betty Idol is a new cast member. She often makes references about artists she’s worked with and radio singles she’s sung on, let me tell you now, she is not making this up. You’ve heard her and just didn’t connect the dots.

The very same Betty Idol on Love and Hip Hop is the same one who sung the chorus of Rick Ross’s Thug Cry. Yep, who knew? She’s not credited on the song that so that explains, but that definitely her.

I remember when I first heard this song, I feel in love with it, not only because of the Chorus, but because of the verses. Now, let me be honest, I’m not the biggest Rick Ross fan, I never really listened to him rap, all I knew him for was his iconic “HUH!” but y’all when I heard this song, I was like hold up…This is *insert fire emoji*.

This song is so real y’all. The way Ross and Wayne just layed those lyrics down is unreal. Ross is a real mastermind for this one, no wonder that’s the album this song appears on. The video has a deep message, talking about the options many black men are limited to here in America. Even though this song is years old, I am blown away at how amazing and raw it is. We need more songs like this. It’s okay to have the “Panda” for the turn up, but I think need more of a balance in music, some more realness that gets acknowledged. Kendrick can’t hold the torch alone.



Written by Ciera


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