Team USA Out of FIBA Basketball World Cup

Who would’ve thought that Team USA would’ve been out as early as the quarterfinals in the FIBA World Cup? I didn’t think they were going to be eliminated in general, but I’m usually wrong anyways. The only thing I can say for this year’s team is that they were disappointing. Even though they didn’t have star players like Kevin Durant or LeBron James, their players all play in the NBA. The NBA is seen as the highest tier in the basketball world, and they couldn’t get it done. International teams usually have two players that play in the NBA, which is why I didn’t expect them to lose.

The last time Team USA was eliminated in a playoff contention was back in 2006, losing to Greece when Carmelo Anthony and LeBron were young. Team USA faced France in the quarterfinals, and they ended up losing 89-79. The worst part about the loss was that they were up in the 4th quarter, until France went on a 22-5 run at the end, a terrible ending for USA. Everyone knows that with the star players, they’d win in the Olympics which is next. I’m sure everyone would like to play then for the gold medal to add to their collection of awards. I don’t think many people were shocked by this result since they know that next year, USA will win Gold. Hopefully, I won’t be proven wrong.


By Angel Brito, College of the Holy Cross, Freshman

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