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Teen Fashion Week Inspires The Next Generation Of Models

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The Teen Dream Achievement Program recently hosted Dream Team Fashion Week (TFW), an annual teen workshop and fashion show event catering to today’s youth. The two-day event, took place at the Holiday Inn in Elk Grove Village, IL, and was attended by young people with an interest in the modeling industry.

The Saturday event was hosted by celebrity model Bianca Golden from the Tyra Banks show “America’s Next Top Model.” The day consisted of VIP workshops lead by admired entrepreneurs and community leaders who discussed self-esteem, image and courage.

Mae Maxwell Makinde, the head of the Teen Dream Achievement Program, kicked things off with her inspirational words. “When you love yourself, that is when somebody else will learn to love you.” The day’s workshops that followed offered exercises to test how brave and trusting participants were and group discussions on confidence and acceptance of ones appearance.

The second day featured local models strutting their stuff in the latest fashions on the runway before family, friends and supporters. Monica Fabamigbe, the artistic director for TFW, called the two-day event a success in all areas. “We chose to do something like this for the teens because we wanted to do something that would inspire them, empower them and educate them.”

Andriana, a teen model in the fashion show, shared her thoughts about being a part of TFW.  “I feel that participating in this show definitely boosts my confidence and teaches me about the industry at a young age so I can be prepared when I’m older.” In addition to getting modeling experience, Andriana, and all the young people participating in TFW, were awarded a scholarship to receive free acting classes, valued at $500, for an 8-week session.

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Fabamigbe, who started sewing at age 14 and designing at 16, is well aware of how a program like this can shape a young person’s life. Her plan now is to take TFW to the next level. “Something that I foresee doing to make this event on the level of a New York Fashion Week is networking with new designers who are ready to display custom designs on a professional level. This is a goal for me and is something I am currently working on right now in preparation of our spring Teen Fashion Week in New York. Another goal is to train our models before TFW on a professional level of runway standards. These goals are very important to me because I want to make sure our youth and parents are knowledgeable for the real world in this fashion industry.” 

If you or someone you know is interested in modeling, you can sign up for Teen Fashion Week by sending photos, stats and contact information to

By: Moneshia Stampley, Junior, Ralph Ellison & Zanea Spencer, Sophomore, Whitney Young

Written by IVC Productions


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