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Teens Workout For Free At Planet Fitness!

Teens age 14-19 can sign up for the Planet Fitness High School Summer Pass. The session ends August 31st, so sign up now to reap the benefits of working out. / All photos: He Shoots Lyfe

Looking for something fun and healthy to do this summer? Hit up Planet Fitness and join their free summer program!

The High School Summer Pass, formerly known as the Teen Summer Challenge, at Planet Fitness allows teens to work out during the summer for free, giving them a way to stay active and relieve stress.

Ed Bourelly, director of marketing at Planet Fitness, calls the gym “a safe place to go and workout.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us how important it is to pay attention to our mental health as much as we do to our physical health. Exercise is something that helps to maintain and improve both mental and physical health.

“Movement is a key contributor to help relieve stress, to force [us] to be our healthy selves,” said Bourelly.

With this in mind, Planet Fitness has resumed its summer programs allowing teens to exercise at no cost. Accessibility to fitness is a goal of Planet Fitness and the reason why the High School Summer Past exists.

“The goal overall is to get kids moving and really thinking about this wellness journey,” said Bourelly.

In addition to free membership during the summer, students have two opportunities to win scholarships from Planet Fitness. For each state in the US, a student will win a $500 scholarship. All students who sign up for the pass are entered into a separate drawing for a scholarship of $5,000.

If you want to participate in the High School Summer Pass it isn’t too late. The program runs through August 31st.

More information about the High School Pass can be found on the Planet Fitness app and their website

By Cierra Lemott, Junior, Columbia College Chicago

Instagram: @cece.kodak / @kodakscamera

Written by Cierra Lemott

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