Thank the Heavens! Matt Nagy is Finally Gone!

Matt Nagy is out of here.

s of today, the Chicago Bears have gotten rid of Matt Nagy after the team finished the season with a 6-11 record. General Manager Ryan Pace was also let go. If you’re a Bears fan, then you probably understand and completely agree with this decision, like I do. But if you don’t understand why this coach lost his job, let me explain.

He simply was not a good coach.

The best explanation on why Nagy was fired comes from Alex Brown, a former defensive end for the Bears, who says, “Those defensive coordinators that were going to go against him the following years, they spent the whole offseason trying to figure him out. And he doesn’t adjust. He goes in, he says, ‘We got to do what we do better.’ It’s not working, coach. It’s not working. And we’ve seen that.”  He argues that Nagy refuses to change the offense up and that it’s been the same for the last four years, and I agree.

How he handled our rookie quarterback, Justin Fields, could be another reason for his firing. Instead of putting time into training the new quarterback, our former coach insisted on giving all the training camp reps to Andy Dolton. That harmed Fields, as he never really got his footing and finished the season ranked last in the league in Total Quarterback Rating.

I wish Coach Nagy good riddance, as he takes his terrible playmaking and poor coaching decisions elsewhere. Hopefully next season we can see our team dominate with this change.


By Gary Langfield Jr., Junior, The Noble Academy

Instagram: @ima_menace16

Written by Gary Langfield

A dude from Chicago with the dream of making movies one day.

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