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The 10 Unofficial Written Rules Of Girl Code

It’s not until you reach your teenage years that you truly understand the meaning of “Girl Code,” and most importantly, how disturbing it is when some girls carelessly break it with no remorse. I remember learning and understanding the meaning of this universal law because of the TV show “Girl Code.” The actresses were hilarious and I felt fully prepared to embark on my journey of high school do’s and don’ts when it came to female friendships. No, there is no “official” written document that we all follow. I mean, some things are just common sense. But if you’re uneducated on some of the basics I’ll give you the 411.

Ex’s are off limits! Honey, you just don’t do it. No matter what the situation is, never talk or have sexual relations with someone your friend once dealt with. Doesn’t matter how much your friend may reassure you that it’s okay or gives you the “go ahead,” your friendship could be at stake. However, if your friend is in the small percentage of honestly not caring if you begin a relationship with their ex, then that’s a different situation. Seriously though, dating a friend’s ex will never be a good look on you.

Always be there after a break up! No matter how many times you told your friend “I told you so” after watching her cry over a lousy guy or if you were 100 percent supportive of their relationship, never abandon your friend in her time of need. You could watch movies together while stuffing your faces with pizza and Ben & Jerry’s, go shopping, get mani-pedi’s, go to parties, or even helping her cut up/burn her old relationship photos. Just make sure you put forth an effort to be there. You never know when you might need the same favor.

Never fight over a boy! Boys are temporary, especially at this age. Only one thing is on their mind the majority of the time and it’s definitely not your heart. Letting a boy come in between a friendship can be one of the worst things you could ever do. Your friend will be there for you for a lifetime. Don’t let something temporary change that.

No hating on other women! Haters are nothing but trolls and they never prosper. Therefore, don’t be one. It’s not cute, nor beneficial. This could actually block the blessings coming your way. Always be encouraging and happy for other women’s success. Your time is coming soon.

Honesty is the best policy! If your friend is out and about looking a hot mess, definitely tell her! Don’t send her off to be talked about by anybody and everybody. Tell the truth. Tell the truth. TELL THE TRUTH. If that were you, wouldn’t you want someone to tell you?

Rescue any girl in need! If you see any girl or your friend being hit on by a guy and looking uncomfortable, definitely come to her rescue. This could start a wonderful new friendship or even bring you two closer because of the experience.

Be a great wingwoman! Majority of the time, women don’t normally shoot their shot. They like the idea of being chased, sultry, and mysterious when it comes to men. However, some women are more bold and know exactly what they want when they see it. They don’t have time for games, and this is where you come in. I know it may suck sometimes being a wingwoman because you may end up with their not so cute friend, but in the end it’ll be worth it when your friend scores and leaves with a smile on her face. (BTW, you don’t ever have to see or interact with their not so cute friend again.)

Let your friend vent when needed! If your friend is in her feelings about whatever or whomever, always stay engaged in what she has to say. Make sure it’s evident their feelings are validated about the subject and remind them that you’re always there when needed. Sometimes being a shoulder to cry on or having an ear for a venting session can really make all the difference.

Don’t abandon drunk friends! Make sure your friends get home safe from every function, especially if they had been drinking or doing drugs. You should want no harm to come upon your hands and the power is in your hands to look out for them.

Boost each other’s confidence! Always remind your girl she is a bad bih and doesn’t need a guy to flourish and prosper! Hyping up your friends head about their beauty, personality, and best attributes is a key aspect of great friendships. When you both are at your most confident, there’s no telling what you all can do.


Kori A. Nicole Barnes. Senior. Homewood- Flossmoor High School.

Twitter: @korixnicole


True Star Staff

Written by True Star Staff

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