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The Artist, The Review: Chrisette Michele



This past Saturday True Star’s Mina Waight got a chance to get up close and personal with the talented Chrisette Michele, before she hit the stage with the one and only Kem.

When you think Chrisette Michele, what do you think? Amazing person? Amazing voice? Beautiful
person? Well, she is all of that but just like any other person she’s more than that. A lot of us don’t know
her personally and don’t know that she’s is very sweet and has a great personality. I got to know a little
bit about Chrisette before her show here in Chicago.

When Chrisette was really young she discovered she was very talented inside of the church house and it just became a part of who she was. Singing is a natural progression for Michele, she studied music in college and got a deal while attending school.  She added ”Singing is natural for me, it’s like walking and breathing, like my bread and butter.” When she got her record deal, she decided to write her music about relationships. Relationships with people, with my parents, with culture and relationships with society. “I usually write about people and their stories” Chrisette says, “But lately I’ve been writing about my own story, about what’s on the inside and my experiences.” She loves that her singing career has given her a voice in society, her favorite part in it all is giving back. Although, now that she’s a big artist in the music industry, she wishes that color barriers didn’t exist. “I wish people didn’t have to be a certain color to collaborate with other artists or sing a certain type of song” says Michele. Although, Michele is the opposite of that. She creates different styles of music, with contrasting artists of her normal sound, to create something amazing, even if it doesn’t get that much exposure. “I create what on the inside” says Michele, “Not what will attract an audience.”

Chrisette just keeps on making her mark. She’s obviously very talented and is beautiful physically and mentally. She continues to make more progress and makes us love her more and more. She is truly an exceptional artist.

Review by: Mina Waight

Written by OfficialHenye

Henye is an editorial stylist who occasionally blogs in his spare time. From Chicago Illinois and currently residing in Los Angeles California Henye' is certainly the go-to guy when it comes to fashion and trends. Follow him on Instagram @OfficialHenye


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