The Bosses Have Arrived! It’s Aries Season!

Anyone who knows me well knows I am an astrology guru. Take a couple scrolls down my Instagram timeline and you’re guaranteed to see at least three posts about how the placement of the stars when you were born translates into your personality.

Recently, a very important day for the astrology community took place. On March 21st, Aries season began! Usually, when a new sun season starts, astrology pages dedicate an appreciation thread to the sign, address common misconceptions about the sign, or discuss how the season will affect not only members of the sign, but everyone. However, after searching for posts dedicated to Aries, I was left disappointed in finding no mention of Aries at all. It translated to a huge frustration of mine which is Aries are overlooked in the astrology community. Unusual for such a powerful sign, huh? Here are four notes of appreciation for my fellow Aries.

*Don’t let stereotypes steer you wrong- we are all amazing.

Complete a Google search on the typical Aries, and you’ll find loud and fiery as guaranteed adjectives. Personally, at a young age, I disassociated myself from the sign because I didn’t meet the archetype, only to discover my Aries passion was not distributed to others, but held inside. Don’t count yourself out.

*Our determination is to die for. They don’t call us go-getters for no reason!

It’s simple, when we want to achieve something, we let nobody tell us no.

*You’re not bossy, you’re the boss.

One of the first adjectives used to describe an Aries is “bossy.” But, somebody needs to be in charge, right? Approach to direction is everything, but leadership comes naturally to us. Don’t be ashamed of your nature.

*Our short attention span may cause others to think that we don’t pay attention to much, but we are one of the smartest signs!

Try to pin an Aries down, and you’ll fail. That’s because our attention span is too short for that! People underestimate the intelligence of an Aries because of our inability to pay attention to something for a long time. However, someone could not make a more dumb generalization!

We pay close attention to everything around us and can tell you things about our surrounding that you may never picked up. Never underestimate an Aries! The astrology community may make us feel as though we are unimportant quite frequently, but from Aries to Aries, you are special by nature.


By Sullivan Anderson, Junior, Jones College Prep


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Sullivan Anderson

Written by Sullivan Anderson

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