The Bud Billiken Parade Returns for Year 92!

Chicago’s very own Bud Billliken parade made a happy return to the South Side for the 92nd year! Even though last year the parade couldn’t go on because of COVID, this year all the powers that be lined up to make sure it happened. On Saturday I had the chance to be a part of this traditional Chicago event that we all missed so much.

As soon as I arrived, I became overwhelmed with vibrant colors and the sounds of the many bands. I knew right then that the energy for the Bud was back. The weather was just right at first with the mid-seventy temp. But once I, and everyone else from the True Star camp, started walking and hopping off of the float, the heat was felt a lot more. It felt good to run-up to the people and hand out True Star merch and essentials such as buttons, drawstring bags, hand sanitizer, magazines and wrist bands. Seeing their smiles and enthusiasm, made the running in the heat worth it!

The smell of barbecue filled the air. I was so tempted to run over and grab a plate but I had to focus on making sure people got the amazing True Star merch. All I could hear was the uptempo music from the dance teams. Even though I can’t dance, seeing them hit every beat made me want to get up and join them.

Summertime Chi has been in full effect this year. COVID-19 wasn’t able to stop my city from bringing culture and positive vibes into everyone’s life. After seeing the Bud Billiken Parade, kids can go back to school with a smile on their faces. No matter what is happening, Chicago will always show up and show out!


By Jada Boyd, Senior, Gwendolyn Brooks Academy

Instagram: @jadabxydd


Written by TrueStar Staff

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