The Carters WILL NOT Be At KimYe’s Wedding!

Biggest-Moments-From-Coachella-2014-Video-2Haha–Bey and Jay will not be attending the lovely wedding of Kim and Kanye. That is not surprising though. Kim and Kanye are filming this wedding and of course the power couple is not ready for all of that. Yes, Bey and Jay have become more open but that does not mean that they want attention on a day that is not suppose to be about them.That’s fair right? Well Jay Z has made up for the disappointment. Allegedly, Jay Z rented a $100,000 yacht for the couple’s honeymoon. Luxurious! Must be nice. No official word that this is true. However, it has been a rumor for a very long time that the couple would not be attending the wedding. Stay tuned, we’ll see soon what they have really decided.

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Written by Eri Loves


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