The Chronic Disease Teens Should Worry About

According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, in the next 40 years, there is a disease that will increase by about 70 percent for people under 20 years old.

This disease is type two diabetes. In 2017, 213,000 teens in the United States had type one. By 2060, over half a million teens are predicted to have type two, a disease that’s typically only been seen in adults.

Explanations given for this huge rise is childhood obesity, and that mothers who had diabetes when pregnant increased the chance that their kid would also have it.

While it’s important for everyone to be very aware of the dangers of childhood obesity and the benefits of healthy diets, what’s maybe even more important is self-love.

We know that genetics can play a factor into having diabetes, and according to another CDC article, so can being considered obese. Yes, a healthy lifestyle should be encouraged, especially in generations going forward, but so should loving who you are.

Fatphobia is a big problem in today’s society, even though we know from clear scientific research that genetics can be a factor, not necessarily just “not eating healthy enough,” or being lazy, or whatever excuses fatphobes make. If you or someone you know suffers from diabetes, it’s important to love them for who they are. They didn’t choose to get diabetes, and teens going forward won’t be making that choice, either.

Diabetes is definitely on the rise, though, especially in BIPOC communities. Specifically in the Black, Latino, Asian, Pacific Islander, and Native American youth. If we don’t do something about it soon, the problem will only get worse. What’s your opinion on this topic? Reach out to me and let me know.


By Inti Navia, Senior, ChiArts

Instagram: @intinavia


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Written by Inti Navia

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