The Creative Circle Celebrates Artistic Community

Displayed art work by young local artists was a part of the Creative Circle experience. / Photos: Cierra Lemott

We like to party, aye, aye, aye, aye *cue Beyonce voice*. Juneteenth was truly a celebratory occasion in Chicago, and The Creative Circle added to the culture. Hosted by Chicago Made and ZaeWtheCam, the event hosted artists and creatives that came together to inspire each other and their passion for creativity. The event was brought to life by event coordinators Blessed Barrios, Izaiah Davis, Tristen Tate (Founder of Chicago Made), and Tyrel Jerry. “There are people out there that want to build more of a unity and community within this whole thing…” Tyrel Jerry, event coordinator and performer told True Star. “I want it to be more like a community, where everybody comes and talks with each other.”

There was definitely a sense of community in the room. The event boasted a gallery walk, band performances, dance performances, a fashion show, and music performances, all in the name of bringing young creatives together under one roof, and for a positive purpose – a true circle of creativity. Seven different fashion brands were featured, in addition to multiple galleries that featured Black art around the room. What more could you ask for on such a special holiday like Juneteenth?

Davis, event coordinator, gave us insight into how The Creative Circle came into mind. “The Creative Circle is how I think about it; it’s just like a 360…” he explained. “If you come to this event, and you meet a photographer, you come to this event, you meet a DJ, you come to this event, you meet a model, right? Everything is 360. So the circle is revolving connections.” Indeed, the event was a series of revolving connections and conversations centered around Black creativity. After all, this world can’t revolve without it!

Every idea comes to fruition from a small seed. Barrios, founder of Chicago Made and event coordinator for The Creative Circle, had humble beginnings in 2022. “Chicago Made is a Chicago based organization…” she explained. “We started off with interviewing Chicago artists, models, musicians, rappers, coordinators, and stuff like that.” Now, Chicago Made has hopes of continuing to grow, yet maintaining their advocacy for small creatives. “I feel like with things like Summer Smash, for example, it started out very small, which is something that we admire…” Tate, an event coordinator, explained. “We hope to have the same trajectory in terms of getting bigger and bigger, of course, but we want to maintain that same focus on giving new people a platform rather than people who already have one.”

It is so important to have events like these, where Chicago creatives can come out and create a supportive environment amongst one another. Leaving a legacy is just as important, and Michelle Obama, a Chicago native, put it perfectly. “There are still many causes worth sacrificing for, so much history yet to be made.” We can’t wait to see what big moves Chicago creatives have in store.


By Sullivan Anderson, North Carolina A&T State University Alumna

Instagram: @SullivanGrace_


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Written by Sullivan Anderson

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